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UAE subscribes to a judicial system that primarily follows a civil law jurisdiction but encompasses both, the civil and Sharia laws. The jurisdiction imitates a concise mix of Egyptian, Roman, French and Islamic laws. In the UAE, certain common laws that are applicable across the world are usually not recognized with a few exceptions. As UAE is becoming an ideal international business destination, many conflicts arise and are resolved by settlements. The courts are divided into Sharia courts and civil courts where the former has the exclusive jurisdiction to attend to crimes such as robbery, adultery etc.


Even though Abu Dhabi houses a federal court structure wherein the final court of appeal takes place, RAK and Dubai do not belong to this jurisdiction. The Emirates hold their own courts independent of the federal Supreme Court.


The Dubai Court structure comprises:

  1. The Court of First Instance which includes the Civil Court, the Criminal Court and the Sharia Court.
  2. The Court of Appeal and
  3. The Court of Cassation


As permitted by the UAE courts, an attorney can be appointed as per the law requirements. It is mandatory for the attorney to showcase his position as the attorney for the client, through an official notarized deed.


The Civil Court (or Court of First Instance):

  • Attends to claims from maritime disputes to commercial matters
  • The court delivers its judgment and thereon allows the parties to appeal to the civil court on legal grounds within 30 days from the date of judgment.
  • The parties can furthermore appeal to the highest court in Dubai- the Court of Cassation that holds a panel of 5 judges.
  • An appeal can be filed for within 30 days from the notified date of Judgment after which the decision of the court final.


Criminal cases:

  • The first step involves filing a police complaint in the jurisdiction where the crime took place
  • Statements of parties involved are noted and recorded by the police
  • The local police will unofficially refer the case to the prosecutor’s office after an initial investigation seeking advice and providing recommendation to press charges
  • The local police then officially refer this case to the prosecutor’s office within 48 hours from the time of complaint for further proceedings.
  • The prosecutor’s office take up the case for further investigation and listen to party and witness testimonials
  • Based on evidence, the office will refer the case to court to accept or decline the charges pressed
  • This must be decided by the prosecutor within 14 days from the day of receiving the case.
  • The prosecutor might then seek for an extended timeline in case the case needs more time, which can be accepted or denied by the court


Sharia court:

This Islamic court tends to conflicts and civil matters that occur between Muslims only. They have an exclusive jurisdiction to hear all kinds of cases such as guardianship of minors, divorce, abuse, robbery, rape etc. When certain cases don’t find provisions in the codified UAE law, the Sharia law is promptly followed.


The Court of Cassation:

The Court of Cassation is the highest court in the UAE, and it will only hear disputes on matters of law. This court acts as an appellate court to the lower courts and monitors them to identify if the laws are being interpreted correctly. The lower courts must strictly follow the rules set by this court.

Banking & Finance

Our experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge in leading and advising local and international organizations on a wide range of financial transactions, from financing infrastructure projects to vanilla loans and regulations around Islamic and financial laws.


The legal team has worked with some of the top institutions in the UAE and high net worth individuals who have expressed positive feedback in our work with our clients, around Islamic and traditional bank transactions. We have understood challenges that regional markets surface, and have learnt to work around these challenges with our gained experience, and accomplish the region’s requirements.


Our team showcases expertise in:



  • Project and infrastructure financing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Bond issues
  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Asset based loans
  • Investment funds, companies and incentives
  • Derivatives



  • Due Diligence
  • Debtor rights and claims
  • Bank receivables
  • Investment funds
  • Financing projects
  • Representation of investment funds
  • Insurance contracts
  • Sharia compliant Islamic finance

Compensation Claims

It is essential to choose the right lawyer to win your battles, and our team of dedicated consultants are only here to win. With their vast experience, perseverance and commitment, every case is thoroughly analysed, prepared and structured around our client’s rights. We cover a spectrum of cases from hazardous workplace environments to health at work and ensure we do everything in our stride to make our clients happy.

Corporate Excellence

Our corporate excellence has helped us establish ourselves in the UAE markets and surrounding regions. While holding a vast client pool and providing unique services, we have become the ‘preferred law firm’ locally as well as internationally. We serve some of the top level companies within the region and stand out as a company with its extensive experience in the fields of commerce and corporate practices. As a customer- centric company, we tailor make our solutions to meet the varying preferences of our clients and ensure that our work follows international standards of quality. Our team comprises lawyers who have graduated from some of the top institutions around the globe and have an added advantage of speaking the Arabic language, amongst others, for the convenience of our clients.


Our client testimonials showcase the effort, commitment and focus that our lawyers put into their work and the excellence delivered at all times. We have extended our practices to wide spread areas and can assist you in establish diverse ventures in many different practice fields.

Law related Consultation

We understand the hassles that companies go through while following laws and specific legal requirements. We undertake the responsibility to assist you with the following:


  • Civil Law
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Food Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Infrastructure Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Labour Law
  • Shariah Law
  • Sports Law


Our team of litigation experts will assist you with all kinds of litigation matters with their wide industry knowledge and expertise. All procedures will be systematically driven and done in a professional manner to ensure seamless service to our clients. From damage recoveries to contract enforcements, our team will represent you to ensure a success story. We are associated and registered with the Dubai International Financial Centre and are currently legal practitioners there which gives us the added advantage when it comes to dealing with authorities.


  • Aviation Maritime Law
  • Ship Construction & Repair
  • Ship Finance
  • Ship Sale & Purchase

Our Corporate Expertise:


Assets  - Tracking & Recovery

Commodity Trade

Company Structure & Framework

Contracts - Drafting & Reviewing

Cyber Crimes

Debts - Collection & Recovery

Dispute Resolution

Energy & Natural Resources Industry

Insurance Claims

Intellectual Property Rights

Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Equity

Public Procurement

Real Estate

Regulatory & Compliance

Restructuring & Insolvency

UAE Investments

Laws we provide Consultation for:

Civil Law

Commercial & Corporate Law

Criminal Law

Food Law

Immigration Law

Infrastructure Law

International Trade Law

Labour Law

Shariah Law

Sports Law

Consultation related to Shipping:

Aviation Maritime Law

Ship Construction & Repair

Ship Finance

Ship Sale & Purchase